Friday Fast Fifteen!

Managing thousands of devices for multiple customers is no easy task. A remote workforce makes the job even tougher. That’s why Zach Brand’s team came up with Intune Integration – a Microsoft and ServiceNow integration that assigns devices to end-users with their initial log-in and automatically tracks the life of the device from there. Intune Integration eliminates time-consuming and costly paperwork, mitigates the risk of human error and allows you to deliver more capability to your organization on the same budget. 

Karin Glazier and Zach Brand break this mountain of a solution down for you on our latest Friday Fast Fifteen. 

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Getting the Most Out of Your ServiceNow Investment

When IT leaders first start implementing ServiceNow, they ordinarily have a list of things they’re hoping the platform will do for them: create more time for value-added tasks, streamline communication among team members, provide actionable data, and so on. 

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Friday Fast Fifteen: 2020 Retrospective - Are you getting the value you need out of your Tech Spend?

In this short video, Kaitlyn and Troy talk about how looking to IT for innovation is a must, technology is the easiest part of change, and how people and process are the more difficult sides to OCM.

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10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs – Pillar 3: Getting Approval for Your Budget

In Crossfuze’s years of experience working with clients to deliver ServiceNow-centric transformations, we’ve learned a lot about how CIOs can avoid seeing their ServiceNow implementation budget slashed or, even worse, denied.

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