Friday Fast Fifteen!

2020 has proven to be a year of uncertainty. Some have entered Q4 with higher expectations than others, and Kaitlyn and Troy are here to discuss the necessary change management that took place. 

In this short video, they talk about how looking to IT for innovation is a must, technology is the easiest part of change, and how people and process are the more difficult sides to OCM.

More Resources for you: 

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Lasting Organizational Change: How to Improve the Odds of Achieving It

Research shows that OCM and transformation often fail to meet expectations. Success requires careful planning and execution. OCM is daunting, and that’s why achieving it creates competitive advantage.

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5 Essential Truths About Migrating Your Enterprise Service Management Operations to ServiceNow

The journey to ServiceNow success can feel overwhelming if you don’t plan properly and learn everything you can from those who have come before you.

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How ServiceNow Improves Your Flow

Our current inefficiencies are happening daily, and they contribute to corporate complexity. Maybe if the rest of the world had stayed still, our limited corporate brains would be okay, but the future waits for no one...

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