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ServiceNow’s digital experience, Knowledge 21 got us fired up and thinking BIG. Check out the upgraded Friday Fast Fifteen podcast with host Kim Funk and special guests, Jeslyn Carlson and Matt Duntsch to learn more about what’s got folks at Crossfuze so excited about ServiceNow.


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Knowledge 21 Recap

4 min read  | ServiceNow and industry leaders inspired us with stories of digital transformation and how they leveraged technology to stay safe, keep employees connected, and grow their business during a pandemic. 

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Closing Doors: Finding Misconfigurations with Configuration Compliance

Video | What if you were focused on the external threat landscape (DoS, malware, phishing) while there was an internal threat you didn’t know about? 

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SMART Solutions Vulnerability Response

2 min read | According to the University of Maryland’s Clark School, a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds. The FBI reports a 400% increase in cybercrimes since COVID-19. Endpoint security vendors report a 600%+ increase in phishing and malware scams. 

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