The rise in regulatory focus occurring alongside the increased demand for an exceptional customer experience presents new challenges for financial services enterprises. Regulations like the UK operational resilience framework and disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic make digital transformation an imperative in this sector. Financial Services organizations across the globe are researching ways to maintain regulatory compliance without sacrificing the customer experience.

Learn about today’s trends in Financial Services and how firms are leveraging the power of ServiceNow as they develop set of tactics for operational resilience. Industry experts will discuss how these strategies consider the end-to-end business services and the resources supporting them – including IT, facilities, people, and third-party vendors.

  • What is operational resilience and who must comply with these new requirements?
  • How do financial services firms maintain operational resilience while simultaneously delivering outstanding outcomes for both employees and customers?
  • How are financial enterprises leveraging ServiceNow to meet operational resilience requirements without sacrificing the customer experience?
  • What to look for in an engagement partner when implementing the Now Platform at your organization.

After watching this session, you’ll have a clear idea of how ServiceNow can help you meet operational resilience requirements without sacrificing the employee or customer experience.

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