In an era of upheaval and uncertainty, business leaders have launched into 2022 facing questions that will define the future of their organizations, while often challenging deeply held beliefs about what makes an organization work.

Listen in on this discussion among an elite panel of business leaders as they probe into many of these questions and grapple with how organizations are addressing them. These thought leaders in technology, strategy, and business join Crossfuze CEO Chris Howard to analyze the following:

  • How do organizations attract and retain talent during the great reshuffle? Beyond attractive salaries, what creative benefits can organizations provide to set them apart from their competition?
  • While the talent pool evolves, the demand for digital transformation is increasing. How can organizations optimize their teams to extract the most value from their digital initiatives?
  • What new technologies will contribute to a flourishing digital work style? How can leaders cut through the noise to choose and implement the right technologies that support, scale and extract value from a remote workforce?

The panel pulls from their deep experience working with organizations across industries and geographies to share the trends they’re seeing in the marketplace and predictions on what will make the biggest impact in 2022.

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