As a financial services organization supporting offices and customers across four states, Farm Credit Mid-America was hyper-focused on creating exemplary experiences for their customers. But they knew that providing top-tier experiences first required empowering employees with the data and toolsets to get the information they needed, fast.

Join this 45-minute fireside chat with Farm Credit Mid-America’s VP of Business Applications, Fred Gordon, and Crossfuze CEO, Chris Howard, as they dig into Farm Credit’s success story, including:

  • The unique demands of service management in a multi-branch financial organization
  • Why, when, and how to tear down information barriers
  • The role of people, process, and technology in achieving the vision
  • How to prove value through defining, realizing, and reporting on ROI

This engaging discussion will shed light on the realities of putting ServiceNow to work, from crystalizing a long-term vision to getting the right people and processes in place, and the role that a prescriptive partner like Crossfuze plays in achieving the necessary outcomes on an industry-leading platform like ServiceNow.

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