Implementing a modern ITSM solution like ServiceNow is only the first step towards producing tangible business outcomes for business leaders and employees alike. But in today's precarious environment, the path to achieving those outcomes is less than clear cut. 

Join Zach Brand, Director of Managed Services, and David Stevenson, Director, IT Workflow Practices, as they discuss some of the most pressing challenges facing IT leaders today, and examine the real-world strategies that successful organizations are employing to combat them.

Zach and David will zero in on three critical questions being asked to IT leaders today:

  • How do we cut costs and promote innovation from a continually improving environment?

  • How do we ensure our service delivery strategies are providing a best-in-class experience for serving end-users?

  • As we return to the workplace - or not - what processes will need to change, and how?

Drawing on deep expertise in the ServiceNow ITSM platform and years of experience supporting end-users in a variety of environments, this session will give IT leaders a well-rounded understanding of these challenges and provide clear guidance on shaping the future of work. 

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