The promise of ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) extends far beyond mere technological advancements—it heralds a new era of streamlined IT operations, accelerated digital transformation, and bountiful opportunities for growth. Understanding the possibilities and implications of ServiceNow ITOM is pivotal to unlocking the full potential of this platform and ensuring that its capabilities contribute meaningfully to your business outcomes.

In this video series, Crossfuze ITOM Practice Director Robert Bryan sheds light on some of the most impactful aspects of ServiceNow ITOM, including:

  • Visibility into the organisation’s IT infrastructure and operations
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of the IT environment’s health
  • How ITOM enables optimization of the organisation’s IT environments

With specific examples and use cases along with guest subject matter experts sharing additional insight, this series offers a leap into ServiceNow ITOM that sets the stage for your ITOM journey. 

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