The client is a national provider of personal and commercial lines insurance. The company offers standard, preferred, homeowners, life, and more. With over 800 locations, the client has leading market positions in 20 states across the United States and is set to expand into several more.

Solutions Implemented:
Advisory Services
ITSM Implementation
System Integration

The Challenge of Expansion

When the client’s vice president of IT operations first joined the company, there were a lot of mergers and acquisitions going on, with over 100 having been completed in the last few years. Many of the small companies joining the organization brought their own platforms and IT departments. The VP and his team had their work cut out for them, consolidating dozens of different IT departments into one holistic group with one set of systems. That’s when they adopted ServiceNow, which fit the needs of the growing company perfectly.

However, that perfect solution introduced a new challenge: expansion. Through demos and internal advertising, employees envisioned using the platform for security, infrastructure networking, business intelligence, analytics, real estate management, and more. The client initially adopted the platform for an internal training program and portal, facilities, and change management. They are now working on process management and asset management, with 130 IT employees currently using ServiceNow.

Throughout these rapid changes—and the plans to continue expanding—the client needed a partner with whom they could establish a value-based, strategic, forward-thinking relationship. It was important, the VP determined, to have a partner who would grow with them, understand their business and industry dynamics, and make recommendations through a vetted and highly collaborative partnership. They found that partnership in Crossfuze.


"They brought a wealth of knowledge to the project. They had done numerous implementations previously with different types of businesses, which greatly benefitted us because we could glean value from the success of others. Coupled in with that was the experience with application integrations that they had done with other players in the insurance space, which really helped.


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"Crossfuze is a good sounding board due to their industry experience and vast platform expertise. They listen and come back with suggestions to help me validate decisions and provide a different perspective and approach. I might have an idea in my mind, but they’ll often come back and say, ‘Based on what we know, you should consider going this way to get to the business outcomes that you’re aiming to achieve.


Crossfuze: A Knowledgeable Partner

Not only was Crossfuze a highly capable and culturally compatible partner, but we also brought to the table expertise in the insurance space. The team first met with the client in December 2018 and started by seeking to understand the client’s inner workings and how and why they were using different platforms. From there, they developed a plan to bring all the disparate systems together into one platform, ServiceNow

From December 2018 until now, Crossfuze has partnered with the client to advise on and implement several ITSM improvement initiatives. The team has also helped the client develop scopes of work, plan roadmaps, create procedural documentation, and provide user training.

Crossfuze’s knowledgeable, personalized guidance has been a key piece to the client’s ServiceNow success.

Undeniable Results

From their initial implementation in January 2020 until now, the client has decreased their service desk ticket backlog by 82%, from an average of 700 tickets in progress each day and 300 to 400 tickets pending to an average of 100 tickets in progress each day and 10 to 20 pending.

The client has developed a data warehouse to integrate with ServiceNow, and they are now able to pull data from a single source of truth and serve it up in various formats to various teams and individuals in the company. As they continue towards their goal of a single source of truth, they plan to further leverage Crossfuze’s advisory and implementation expertise to ensure a continued smooth expansion experience that delivers wins for several other areas of the business.

"ServiceNow is a critical investment in achieving operational excellence, and a true partner can make sure that investment isn’t going to waste. Crossfuze isn’t here just to make a sale or sell licenses. They have demonstrated that they want to work with us to make leaps forward in growing the business.



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