The client is a physician-led and physician-owned radiology practice in the United States. Their approximately 1,500 radiologists provide services to more than 1,200 hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers across the country.

The Challenge

At the end of 2018, the client was acquiring radiology practices
to form a new group. With 50 companies merged together and
a new CIO about to join, it was clear that they needed to create
one IT organization.

The challenges were plentiful. Some companies had an
IT team, and some didn’t. Those that did still faced issues,
including a need to optimize their disparate business practices.
Three companies already had ServiceNow implementations
with varying maturity levels, standards, and use cases:

  • Two companies had separately migrated from ServiceNow
    Express to Enterprise, but neither migration was done well.
  • One had a custom app written in a global scope, which
    required every user to have an ITIL license. Maintaining the
    licenses was expensive, and every change required coding
    and scripting.
  • With so many companies coming together, it was difficult
    to determine the number and type of users that would
    ultimately be using the instance.

But there was another challenge: Two companies were coming
to the close of their licensing agreements with ServiceNow.
That meant they had only a few months to get a new agreement
set up to move forward. They needed a partner who could
advise and support them so they could move forward with
confidence. That’s where Crossfuze’s business advisory
services were helpful.


Over three days, Crossfuze’s team sat down with the client to come up with a plan for addressing the client’s strategic focus and a tactical path forward. The team asked questions, listened, thought through needs, and identified priorities. These initial conversations were all about “the art of the possible”: finding out what could actually be done to bring multiple complex systems together.

After acquiring this depth of understanding, the Crossfuze team made their recommendations for helping the client create the best future for their company. The client chose which recommendations to move forward with, and the engagement was ready to begin.

Crossfuze worked with the client to not only reimplement ServiceNow but also outline their purpose, vision, and path forward. A key success factor was the help the client received from Crossfuze to clearly understand what they needed to do to get the instance up and running quickly and have high user adoption from day one. Working together as one team, they
got workflows and processes into a single, national instance of ServiceNow, all while getting everyone on the same page regarding pacing and helping the company communicate value to the board.

Bringing It All Together

Crossfuze and the client formed a synergistic partnership that accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Crossfuze advised the client on the tactical steps to launch successful per expectations to deliver one national instance, starting with a very tactical step to establish a foundation and deliver value quickly. Two key aspects of that initial engagement were the Crossfuze Smart Launch and ManagedNow offerings. These two offerings were the best options to accelerate their journey to one national instance with the governance they needed across all business streams.

Smart Launch helped the client get ITSM and Smart PPM out of the box quickly. They needed a speedy implementation so they could get their new ServiceNow instance up and running before their licensing agreements expired.


Additionally, the client offered enormous support for two new apps for their project governance suite: one called Project on a Page and one still-unnamed app for organizing meetings. These apps will allow the client to manage meetings within project records and brand and format general status reports for the organization. Success with these applications took strategic thinking and a creative approach to frame up exactly what was needed and how it should work for the users.

The company also used ManagedNow, a Crossfuze service that helps companies maintain and expand upon the ServiceNow platform over time. The service helped the client reimplement its ServiceNow instance quickly and allowed them to plan and budget for work upfront. It also gave them on-demand access to a wealth of knowledge and ongoing support as they were simplifying their complex environment.

As a certified systems admin and developer, the IT service management director had the technical expertise to reimplement ServiceNow on his own. “But I can’t do it all,” he says. “Having a bucket of hours to have quick help with instant demand requests made ManagedNow a great choice for us. We also have access to various technical expertise to address simple to complex needs.”

Through all of this, the client chose a co-delivery model with ServiceNow and Crossfuze. Co-delivery meant that Crossfuze would do 90 percent of the implementation work, with ServiceNow reviewing code and suggesting best practices for leveraging the Now Platform.

“Co-delivery was a great combination of providing a lot of support in our decision and taking advantage of Crossfuze’s experience with projects like ours,” he says. “ServiceNow added another layer to ensure our planning, rollout, and governance was in alignment to our desired business outcomes, helping us confirm that we were moving in the right direction with our ITSM and ITBM instances.”

Benefits Now and in the Future

With help from Crossfuze’s team—composed of engagement
managers, subject matter experts, and advisory staff—the client
was able to streamline their IT workflows and processes into one
national instance of ServiceNow ITSM. The client, Crossfuze, and
ServiceNow staff worked as one team to ensure the vision was
achieved. Some outcome highlights include:

  • Delivered a strategic plan for the unified platform.
  • Consolidated two of the three ServiceNow instances into
    one and created a plan for the consolidation of the third
  • Redefined and standardized workflows and process
  • Gave the client governance over workflow, process,
    and projects
  • Merged the change management and problem
    management processes together
  • Made the Now Platform their own

Through it all, the IT service management director and his team benefited from having a single point of contact at Crossfuze and access to a variety of creative thinkers to help them achieve their national instance vision.

“It has been awesome having our development team members part of the Smart Launch and custom app scope,” he says. “We can easily schedule 30 to 60 minutes to brainstorm and get technical resources and insight from the Crossfuze team through our ManagedNow hours. It has been a great relationship.”

Now that the client has gotten their ServiceNow instance up to speed, they’re ready to look ahead to new challenges and priorities.

Benefits Now

"There are lots of things that we want to do. Expansion, CMDB, asset management, CSM, ITSM. And other departments, such as HR and compliance, are exploring ServiceNow, too. They know what the capabilities are and want to see those benefits in their departments.


From the beginning of the relationship, Crossfuze made sure the client had a strategic roadmap to follow. It was an iterative approach that involved making small edits along the way. Crossfuze is now working with the company to develop the next stages within their roadmap to further expand the platform and gain value across the organization. Crossfuze provided strategic guidance for future state maturity and a framework for the onboarding of new practices as the client evolves and grows.

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