"Over five years of innovative thinking and exceptional implementation, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved. Without Crossfuze, we would never be where we are today


Michelle knew she had to move quickly to keep internal confidence high and deliver more value to Integration Partners’ clients. Michelle also recognized that Integration Partners couldn’t go it alone. The company would need help from a partner that knew the platform inside and out, and had expertise in building a foundation for success. Moreover, the ServiceNow partner would need to help craft a long-view vision that everyone at Integration Partners could confidently rally around.


Match Made in Technology Heaven

Crossfuze was a match made in technology heaven for Integration Partners. Integration Partners lacked confidence that the direction it wanted to take the platform would be in line with industry best practices, so Michelle leaned heavily on Crossfuze for expert insight and perspective.

Integration Partners also had little time after purchasing its licenses to prove out the value of ServiceNow across the organization. The stakes were high, and the pressure mounted fast. But Crossfuze was there every step of the way, helping to drive the innovative thinking and exceptional implementation practices that kept the company’s ServiceNow wins coming early and often.

Implementation Partners’ ServiceNow Journey

Integration Partners’ ServiceNow story begins in 2013, when the company was looking for a way to automate and connect multiple disparate workflows and systems to improve the customer experience. The company decided on ServiceNow and developed a long-term vision to use the platform to create a single system of record that would be shared by all departments across the organization.

As Integration Partners’ ServiceNow successes mounted month after month, Michelle started receiving requests from numerous departments who wanted “in” on ServiceNow because of the value it was delivering in other areas of the business. Michelle fielded request after request, and soon it became clear ServiceNow was having a domino effect on the entire business ecosystem. With help from Crossfuze, ServiceNow became a game-changer for Integration Partners—and remains at the core of the company’s digital transformation strategy.





  • Customer Portal
  • Incident Mgmt w/SLAs
  • Contract Mgmt
  • Organizational Mgmt
  • High-Level Client Profile
  • User Table / Parent / Company / Vendor / Child Sites
  • Appliance Credential Info


  • Event Mgmt
  • Time & Labor Mgmt
  • Project Mgmt
  • Survey Mgmt
  • Calgary Upgrade



  • Platform enhancements to 2013 implementations
  • User Experience, Processes, Workflows
  • Gathered user feedback to help determine most urgent areas of improvements
  • Further built the vision and roadmap foundational elements
  • Service Catalog
  • Knowledge Management
  • Eureka Upgrade



  • ITIL Training
  • Asset Management
  • Focus on Contracts, Stock Room
  • CMDB
  • Resource Management
  • Email Integration with QuickBooks
  • Sales Management
  • Fuji Upgrade



  • Sales Opportunities Management (CRM)
  • Assessment Module
  • Survey external user experiences
  • New Hire/Recruitment/Onboarding
  • Educational Training
  • Offered to customers, management through ServiceNow
  • MDF Management
  • Helsinki Upgrade



  • Voice of the Customer Launched—NPS Assessments
  • Performance analytics
  • Look-back at state of platform via user feedback program
  • Jakarta upgrade



  • Expense Line Items
  • Related to contracts and projects
  • Integration to New Data Tool
  • Integration to HubSpot
  • Redesign Dashboards
  • Sales Quota Dashboards
  • Ongoing Enhancements

Snapshot of Integration Partners:

MANAGED SERVICES PROVIDER for enterprise networking technology solutions
OVER 400 employees
3:1 RATIO of engineers to sales reps
$225 MILLION in annual revenue
30% YOY GROWTH for 6 years running

Where Are They Now?

Over the course of their implementation journey, Integration Partners has made history. With Michelle at the helm, Crossfuze at her side, and Integration Partners’ internal ServiceNow team growing, the company has used ServiceNow to achieve runaway success with its digital transformation goals.

Integration Partners’ employees are getting work done differently, and adding measurable value to the customer experience. Employees are scoring rave reviews and more and more platform wins. And everyone at Integration Partners is able to play a role in supporting digital transformation, ensuring the company can stay ahead of the competition and continually exceed customers’ expectations.

Today, Integration Partners is exceeding its most lofty ambitions for ServiceNow. The company runs a ServiceNow Center of Excellence made up of multiple full-time and part-time developers. This internal ServiceNow team turns to Crossfuze whenever Integration Partners needs an “extra something” to tip the scales of success even more in its favor.

To say Integration Partners is a ServiceNow success story would be a gross understatement. The company is a pioneer in achieving digital transformation using ServiceNow, and a true ServiceNow Champion that has gained an unfair competitive

To learn more about Integration Partners, visit integrationpartners.com.

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