A Less-Than-Ideal First Brush with ServiceNow

When the insurance company originally selected ServiceNow to modernize its IT services, the company had high hopes. The company recognized that its current point solutions—mostly Excel spreadsheets—were inadequate for achieving the level of efficiency and control the company was seeking from its IT operations.

Unfortunately, the company selected a partner that couldn’t deliver what the company was seeking. The partner engineered nonstandard REST API integrations using third-party, non-ServiceNow solutions like SNOW, SCCM, and SolarWinds. What the company ended up with was an overly customized solution that flouted ServiceNow best-implementation practices and did not streamline ITSM the way they had hoped.

After discussing options with ServiceNow, the company agreed to give ServiceNow another try, to essentially reimplement the entire ITSM platform from the ground up.

The stakes were high: ServiceNow needed to achieve complete success with this client. It would be the only way to restore the company’s faith in ServiceNow.


ServiceNow’s First Codelivery with Crossfuze

At the time ServiceNow asked Crossfuze to codeliver the project, codelivery was a new partnership model for ServiceNow Customer Outcomes. Crossfuze began by working alongside the ServiceNow team to flesh out a rock-solid strategic vision and implementation roadmap. Crossfuze then successfully took the reins and led the on-the-ground reimplementation of the ITSM platform.

Within just a few months, ServiceNow Customer Outcomes and Crossfuze successfully delivered a rebuilt ITSM platform that achieved all of the customer’s priorities, including the following:

  • An ITSM platform rebuilt from the ground up in alignment with ServiceNow best practices
  • Reductions in the mean time to identify and mean time to resolve
  • Improved visibility over IT operations

“Crossfuze provided strong support, from initial meetings to go-live,” said Andy McLoughlin, account executive at Crossfuze. “Although ServiceNow Customer Outcomes led the planning efforts and developed the scope of work, Crossfuze proactively participated in all of these meetings, providing skill sets, experience, and ideas that complemented ServiceNow’s own team.”

The codelivery partnership was a gamechanger for ServiceNow, proving this new partnership model could work—and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes for the client.


Restored Faith, Optimized Outcomes

In the end, the client got the resounding ServiceNow success story it had missed out on three years earlier. This project turned a skeptical ServiceNow client into an unabashed ServiceNow fan:

  • Peace of mind that ServiceNow itself would be overseeing the entire implementation
  • Access to the real-world perspective and insights that only a deeply experienced ServiceNow partner like Crossfuze can provide
  • Restored faith in the ServiceNow partner ecosystem
  • Confidence to want to continue a long-term digital transformation journey with ServiceNow

The company was so pleased with Crossfuze’s experience, expertise, and professionalism that the company told ServiceNow that, in retrospect, Crossfuze could have easily handled the entire implementation on its own—without the involvement of ServiceNow Customer Outcomes.


Crossfuze Services/Products Used

  • Codelivery partnership with ServiceNow Customer Outcomes
  • Advisory/consulting
  • Vision/roadmapping
  • ITSM reimplementation
  • Alignment of ITSM to ITBM


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