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Advisory Services · CSM & ITSM Implementation
Custom Applications · System Integration


Disparate Systems and the ServiceNow Solution

As Elite Group expanded through business acquisitions, those businesses brought with them different systems for collecting data. With several disparate CRMs and service desk platforms, there was no single source of truth. One customer would be in multiple systems depending on the services they were buying, which made it hard for support agents and other staff members to get a clear, holistic view of each individual customer

Because of the disparate systems, the customer journey was similarly complicated. As customers reached out for support, agents had to access multiple systems behind the scenes, forcing customers to jump from one team to another. This made getting help a longer, more difficult, and more frustrating process than it needed to be.

ServiceNow removed all those barriers to CX excellence by becoming Elite Group’s enterprise-wide platform.


"It was quickly apparent after seeing ServiceNow in action that it was the right fit to run the core of our business and house all our customer data. ServiceNow offered one source of action and truth for our customer data, was built with ITIL best practices in mind, and was highly flexible and scalable. What it offered out of the box was very close to what we needed, so delivering rapid ROI was in our grasp


ServiceNow offered the following benefits:

▶ An easily accessible, single view of open cases, asset management, contracts, and customer records
▶ Faster resolution times
▶ Better customer satisfaction and customer retention
▶ The ability to grow with the platform
▶ The right balance of flexibility and built-in solutions


Finding a Partner to Increase the Value of the Investment

Once the Elite Group team had decided on ServiceNow, the next step was to choose a ServiceNow partner to help them navigate the implementation journey. They chose a partner that seemed to have the capabilities and cultural fit needed to get them on the path to success with the platform. The partner met with the Elite team and asked how they wanted ServiceNow configured. However, they didn’t listen to Voller and his team or help them know if they were indeed ready to roll out a new platform. Instead of prepping them properly, ensuring they were indeed set up for success, they jumped right into implementation.

While Voller knew that ServiceNow was an excellent platform, the partner wasn’t helping them get what they needed out of it. The partner wasn’t offering the creative solutions or quick work Elite Group needed. Rather than enhancing their investment in ServiceNow, the partner’s lack of personalized guidance, doing what was right for themselves rather than for Elite, was eroding the investment in the platform. This put Voller and team at risk of onboarding something that didn’t deliver what it promised—not due to the platform, but due to the one helping them implement it. Voller and his team decided to part ways with them.

They then decided to partner with Crossfuze. The team was skeptical at first. Their first partnership had been a negative experience. Would Crossfuze actually be able to help them achieve their desired business outcomes with the platform?

In contrast to the first partner, the Crossfuze team didn’t dive into a solution at the very beginning of the engagement. Instead, they started by asking questions and looking deep into Elite Group’s IT environment to understand what they had and where they wanted to go.

“Crossfuze approached our needs as a partner rather than just a vendor looking for their next quick implementation. From day one, they exercised their strategic thinking abilities to learn about what we were aiming to achieve,” Voller says. “They asked the right questions, challenged our thinking, and offered a different perspective on things we were interested in doing with the platform. They helped to phase out our path forward and sharpen the goals and vision of where we were headed. It was obvious early on that we finally made the right partner decision.”

Steve Reekie, Crossfuze’s principal technical consultant on the project, met with Voller and drew up a roadmap of Elite Group’s planned journey. They initially wanted to focus implementation efforts on sales, delivery, and customer service. The end goal was clear; however, Reekie knew it would take a methodical approach to get to the end result.


"Steve suggested we make sure our data was accurate and in a format to use within ServiceNow. We did a bit of housekeeping using the guardrails Steve and team provided us. Once done, we set our aim on customer service as our first implementation, breaking the process into stages rather thanapproaching it as an end-to-end project."



With this guidance, Voller and his team were able to get baseline data and build a best-practice approach and structure to ensure a solid foundation for success that all future implementations could be built upon.

How Crossfuze Adds Value to ServiceNow

With Crossfuze’s tailored and creative support, the Elite Group staff have embraced ServiceNow.

Crossfuze also helped ensure users were ready for the change in how they worked to better support customers. Through organization change management strategies, the users went from skeptical to excited almost immediately. They could see how substantial and beneficial the workflow improvements were and how they would positively translate to the customers they support each day.

“As the central repository for all of our customer data, ServiceNow is the key business system to allow us to grow our business,” Voller says.


Since implementing ServiceNow, Elite Group has achieved the following results:

▶ 96.25% customer satisfaction based on surveys from each closed case
▶ 90% of cases with a first-time fix
▶ Two-day mean time to repair (MTTR) for fault cases
▶ Three-day MTTR for requests and queries

Crossfuze has made all the difference in making these outcomes possible. Reekie and his team helped Elite Group plan for today while staying on track for the future. With Crossfuze’s guidance, Voller plans to go live with additional omnichannel features in CSM Professional, implement field  service management, and integrate the billing platform.


"Steve suggested we make sure our data was accurate and in a format to use within ServiceNow. We did a bit of housekeeping using the guardrails Steve and team provided us. Once done, we set our aim on customer service as our first implementation, breaking the process into stages rather than approaching it as an end-to-end project."



Crossfuze’s ability to always listen and learn what is most important to Elite Group has helped pave the way to quick wins with the platform and build a path for ongoing success. As Voller says, “Crossfuze is a highly valued sounding board that keeps us on the right path toward achieving our vision.

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